Design Customization

Total Design Control and Customization

Make your fundraising page shine 


Create Stunning Donation Forms In Seconds

If you compare GivingFuel to nearly any other provider, you will notice a stark contrast in look and feel of the forms. GivingFuel gives you the ultimate flexibility to make your giving page look like your organization while the other guys merely give you cookie cutter options. No other provider gives your donation page so much potential.


In Seconds, Do More Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Logo and Graphics

Upload Your Own Logo and Graphics and Make Your Donation Form Match Your Website.

Font and Color Control

We support a diverse set of fonts from Google Fonts or specify your own custom font.

HTML 5 + CSS 3

All your donation pages are rendered beautifully with power of HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Full CSS Control

Customize your donation form to your hearts desire — even with complete CSS control.


We’re Not In Competition With Your Brand

Most ticketing companies are concerned that their branding gets the most attention. Not GivingFuel. With us, you get a nearly white-label experience by controlling nearly all the branding, coloring, fonts, and stylistic aspects you want. It means that you are able to create a seamless visual experience between your website and your registration page.


Built-in Themes

Need to get something up quick and worry about branding later? No sweat. Our professionally designed themes will get you up to speed and looking good within three clicks. You can always expand upon our ideas and designs as you wish or leave them as is.


Mobile Amazing. Beautiful on Every Screen.

Every single donation page you create is instantaneously made beautiful on mobile.

We use the industry’s leading technologies to give you maximum control. All forms are automatically mobile responsive – which means your forms look amazing on mobile phones and tablets – while rending in lightning speed with HTML 5 and CSS 3. GivingFuel gives you the latest and the best technology available.


What Else Can GivingFuel Do?

GivingFuel is jam packed with some amazing features that let you do more with your fundraising.

RealView™ Builder

Build amazing forms without tech knowledge.


Design Customization

Your brand and your design.


Recurring Donations

Exponentially Increase Your Annual Giving.


Text to Give

Donations in 5 seconds with a single text message.


Conditional Logic

Re-imagine possibilities with conditional logic.


Social Media Tools

Make your fundraising go viral.


Amazing Reports

Gorgeous Dashboards and Campaign Analytics.



Native tools to sell Products and Merchandise.