RealView™ Donation Form Builder

RealView™ Page Builder

Limitless Customization meet Ultra Simplicity


RealView™ Makes Your Fundraising Dreams Come True

Imagine creating a state of the art donation page all by yourself without any technical knowledge. The GivingFuel campaign builder makes you look like a web genius. The RealView builder takes only seconds to use and makes all your fundraising ideas possible.

Using the drag and drop interface, combined with our live preview, you are a fundraising mastermind behind the controls of the world’s most powerful campaign builder.


Simple To Use Builder. No Nerds Required.

Live Preview

Changes to your fundraising form are done in real time and you see the changes instantly.

Drag and Drop

Move any field quickly into position and order it as you like in seconds.

Social Media Settings

Determine and Specify how Facebook and other social media sites display your page when shared.

Confirmation Settings

Customize the confirmation email and page that is displayed after donating.


Brilliant and Beautiful On Mobile Phones

RealView works behind the scenes to make your creations render beautifully on every screen without adding any additional work. Build your donation page on RealView and it instantly is gorgeous on desktop, tablets and smart phones.


Limitless Giving Possibilities

Using the campaign builder, configure the possibilities for your donors. Afterall, you know them best. You can give donors suggested amounts, or leave it up to them. You can suggest converting their donation to a monthly contribution, or let them pick a recurring option that works for them. You can do all this and more with GivingFuel.

Suggested Donations Amounts (Best for Non-Profits)


Most non-profits will want to utilize the suggested amount method for capturing donations. By suggesting various amounts, donors can choose an amount that best suits them. They can also choose an “other amount” and choose any other amount they desire.

User Decides (Best for Churches)


Best for churches and religious organizations, the ‘user decides’ gives maximum flexibility to donors who want to give a unique amount, such as in the case of a tithe.  Enable recurring to capture this donation on a regular repeating interval.

Fixed Amount (Best For Highly Specific Projects)


If your fundraising strategy calls for a particular amount and interval, use the Fixed Amount option. One the most successful campaigns ever on GivingFuel was $28 a month for the 28 million people enslaved in human trafficking. You can lock in an exact month, interval and even set an automate ending date.

Fund Management and Tracking


Organization with multiple funds, multiple campuses, or even multiple continents, will find the fund tracking extremely useful. Fund tracking allows you capture donations (even multiple recurring donations at once) and link them to a specific area of your organization.

Custom Fields For Days

No one likes to be told what to do or how to do it. That’s why we give you all the tools and options to build your donation page exactly like you want it. Here is the breakdown on the variety of fields you can add to your GivingFuel page.


What Else Can GivingFuel Do?

GivingFuel is jam packed with some amazing features that let you do more with your fundraising.

RealView™ Builder

Build amazing forms without tech knowledge.


Design Customization

Your brand and your design.


Recurring Donations

Exponentially Increase Your Annual Giving.


Text to Give

Donations in 5 seconds with a single text message.


Conditional Logic

Re-imagine possibilities with conditional logic.


Social Media Tools

Make your fundraising go viral.


Amazing Reports

Gorgeous Dashboards and Campaign Analytics.



Native tools to sell Products and Merchandise.