Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations

Effortlessly capture and process recurring donations 


GivingFuel is the leader in Recurring Donation Technology


Our Technology has processed over

Exponentially Increase Giving

If you want to radically increase your overall giving, you must utilize recurring giving technology. GivingFuel gives makes accepting recurring donations easier than ever with our simple tools. No matter how you setup your donation page, you can offer the option to make your donation recurring.

Hundreds of Millions Processed Annually

GivingFuel has been used by thousands of organizations who process hundreds of millions of dollars a year with our technology. We know how to maximize your giving through recurring donations.


Flexible Recurring Options for Any Interval

GivingFuel gives you several ways to configure the possible recurring options for a donor. From a simple check box to make a gift monthly recurring to letting the donor decide from a set of options including weekly, monthly, quarterly and beyond. GivingFuel will store, secure and tokenize the donor’s card on our PCI compliant network and then automatically charge the card on the correct interval.


Optional Start Date for Recurring

For donors who give alongside a metric of their income, such as tithes or religious contributions, the optional start date is the perfect solution for donors who want to choose the specific date their donation gets processed. Simply enable this option in the donation field, and then your donor will be give the option to start the recurring donation today or a day in the future.

Automatic and Optional End For Recurring

Traditional limitations with giving software limit a donation from being one-time or recurring in perpetuity. GivingFuel gives you the option to automatically end a recurring after a set number payments have been made. Say your fundraising for a 6 month commitment to humanitarian efforts, the donor’s cards will be charged 6 times and then no more. Similarly, you can optionally allow the donor to setup an automatic ending to their recurring.


Multiple Recurring Pledges in One Donation

If you are an organization that has several areas that a donor can give to, GivingFuel enables your donors to setup multiple recurring donations at once. For example, If a donor wants to give $500 a month to your organization, but also $25 a month to local initiative sponsored by your organization, they can complete the page just once and GivingFuel will schedule each recurring separately.


Simple Management

Once you have started capturing regular recurring donations, managing the recurring donor is seamless and simple. We keep a running report of all your recurring donors and allow you to see exactly who is giving and how often, as well as editing their recurring donation with a few clicks. You can change the amount, date, interval and even payment method in seconds.


What Else Can GivingFuel Do?

GivingFuel is jam packed with some amazing features that let you do more with your fundraising.

RealView™ Builder

Build amazing forms without tech knowledge.


Design Customization

Your brand and your design.


Recurring Donations

Exponentially Increase Your Annual Giving.


Text to Give

Donations in 5 seconds with a single text message.


Conditional Logic

Re-imagine possibilities with conditional logic.


Social Media Tools

Make your fundraising go viral.


Amazing Reports

Gorgeous Dashboards and Campaign Analytics.



Native tools to sell Products and Merchandise.