Text to Give

Text To Give

The fastest way to donate… Ever.

Text to Give is the Next Generation Giving

If you are a church or a community that gathers regularly, Text to Give will transform your giving.

Instant Setup

It takes less than 60 seconds for a donor to setup of their text to give account with your organization. Simply text in any amount to your dedicated giving number to start the process.

5 Second Donation Time

Every donation is completed by simply texting in a donation amount. The donation automatically is process through your preferred credit card in less than 5 seconds from start to finish.

Dedicated Giving Number

Your organization is issued a local giving number that is exclusively yours. No special keywords or conditions to enroll. Your giving number is under your total control.

Safe and Secure

Text to Give is safe and secure using 256 bit military grade encryption on our PCI Compliant network. Your transactions, data and donor information is always secure.


What is Text To Give?

For churches and communities that have regular gatherings, the Text to Give technology is revolutionizing. Each donor has a card on file linked to their cell phone number and can send a one-time donation at any time by simply texting in the dollar amount to a giving number.

Your local community can say goodbye to check writing (who uses checks anymore?), no scrounging from cash (who carries cash?) and no reminders to give later when at a computer (which will be forgotten).

Text to Give allows anyone to give your organization by sending a text message with a dollar amount and automatically charging their card on file. It combines the convenience of card card donations with fulfillment of giving a donation in the moment.


Donations in less than 5 Seconds.

As fast as you can send a single donation amount is how long it takes to donate. On average its less than 4 seconds.


60 Second Setup For Donors

Setting up Text-to-Give for your donors is done in less than 60 seconds. They simply text-in a donation amount to your local dedicated giving number, and then they are sent a link to add their card to their number.

The donor can even read their card number from their camera to get speed up the process even more. Once the card is in the system, all future donations happen in less than 5 seconds.


Your Own Dedicated Giving Number

GivingFuel establishes your very own dedicated giving number that you share with your community. This number belongs solely to you is even in your own local area code. You can reserve a vanity number or even a short code. Pick a local number that you like and start using it to capture donations like never before.


Works in unison with your web giving and mobile app giving

GivingFuel’s Text to Give works in unison with our web giving and mobile giving app. That means that if any donor has ever donated to you through any of these mediums, their data and information is synced across all platforms. So a donor who once gave on the web who wants to use text to give can do so immediately. Best of all, GivingFuel keeps track of each donor and consolidates all their donations under their contact profile.


Why You Need Text to Give

People Intend To Give, But They Don’t

How many people have an intention to give, but didn’t happen to bring their checkbook that day. Afterall, how many checks do YOU still write? Hardly anyone carries significant amounts of cash anymore. Check and cash usage is down 75% in the past decade and is declining every single month. So when the opportunity comes to give and people don’t have a immediate way to give, you have to cross your fingers and hope they remember to give later. But the sad truth is they won’t. Life is just too busy and there are too many distractions. They intend to give, but because they couldn’t give then and there, they most likely won’t.

That’s what is so powerful about text to give. Any person can give any amount, any time with a single text message. It takes less time to make a donation with Text to Give than it does to write a check or rummage through a purse. With Text to Give, they send a single text message to your giving number and within 5 seconds, their donation is processed and a receipt is in their box. This freedom allows people to never miss an opportunity to give again – and better yet, eliminates the guilt of forgetting to give.


What Else Can GivingFuel Do?

GivingFuel is jam packed with some amazing features that let you do more with your fundraising.

RealView™ Builder

Build amazing forms without tech knowledge.


Design Customization

Your brand and your design.


Recurring Donations

Exponentially Increase Your Annual Giving.


Text to Give

Donations in 5 seconds with a single text message.


Conditional Logic

Re-imagine possibilities with conditional logic.


Social Media Tools

Make your fundraising go viral.


Amazing Reports

Gorgeous Dashboards and Campaign Analytics.



Native tools to sell Products and Merchandise.