A Fresh New Look and Other Updates to Your GivingFuel Account

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We’re excited to release a brand new updated for your GivingFuel account. You can get the highlights of the changes below as well as take a video tour of them all. And we provided an itemized list of what’s changed for you at the bottom. We’re excited and hope you are too.

Video Tour

Revised Account Navigation

Getting around the most important areas has never been easier and clearer. Here’s what changed!

New Look

We condensed the height, placed your organization name to the top left, and made a nice clear white bar for the main navigation links for better legibility. We also added icons for help, search and account settings.

Updated Terminology

We have changed the names of a few things to be more clear and prepare for future features.

  • “Campaign” is changing to “Pages.” We can hear some of your shouts for joy from here. We feel “Pages” is more clear and less confusing than campaigns, which is often used with email campaigns, political campaigns, etc.
  • “Donors” is changing to “Contacts.” We are growing from just a donation platform and the shift to “Contacts” represents a teaser for a lot of new exciting features coming in 2019. *Hint: A new CRM donor management platform is on its way* AND we added contacts to the top navigation.

New Links on the Main Navigation

We are adding a few new links to the main account navigation to save you extra clicks. Here’s what’s new:

  • Dashboard: Want to check on our your progress of all your giving pages and trends? It’s now just a click. Psst! We’re releasing a big dashboard update soon too.
  • Donations: Quickly access your donation history from then main navigation instead of having to click reports and then the link sidebar.
  • Contacts: Find any person faster than ever before.

Plus a handful of other updates such as…

Sub Menu For Reports: We added a sub menu on the Reports link so you can instantly jump to any report.

Search from Anywhere: We added a search icon to the top right and you can now search for any donor, donation, or recurring gift from anywhere in your account.

New Help Icon: If you have a question or want to browse our help articles, just hit the question mark icon and you are there.

Account Settings Icon: We got rid of the obscure down angle and replaced it with a gear for all your account related settings. Presto!

Removal of Sidebars: With the reorganization of the main navigation, we removed sidebars so and you can now get to everything from the main account nav. Woot woot!

Revised Builder Navigation

The RealView Builder will be even more powerful while also giving you more direct links to important sections. Additionally, we are getting rid of those tiny links made for ants and found them permanent homes.

Here is a list of what’s changing in the Builder.

Sidebar is Gone

We made our RealView builder to give you the closest proportionate preview to your giving page as possible. The sidebar was encroaching on that ability.  Also, our “Basic” settings pane began to read as long as War and Peace. We decided a change was in order. The sidebar will be gone and we will be adding sub-menus on the navigation to get to any setting fast.

Design Controls to Top Right

Your design settings to control colors, fonts and background images will be in the top right. We also took time to clarify some of the terms to make them less nerdy.

New Tab for Settings and Text to Give on the Navigation

Formerly all your settings for dates, Google Analytics, conversion tracking and more were buried in the side column. It was lovingly referred to as the “junk drawer” from our staff as it was crammed with dozens of settings.

The new settings page is gloriously designed, clear and purposely built.

Donor permissions will now live inside settings as well.

Finally, we also gave Text to Give its own navigation link. More features coming to Text to Give soon.

Dedicated Tabs for Confirmation Page and also Emails

Formerly there was just one link for both confirmation page and email notifications. With the addition of more email notifications, we decided to break them up. On the confirmation page, we have brought forth the popup settings and a few other controls you probably never knew existed.

Promote Tab

The social media settings that control how your giving page appears on social media, as well as the social proof settings, will all be relocated.

Style and Beautification

We realize the software is powerful, but with great power comes many options… And with many options comes the risk of confusion. We have been cleaning up all the interactions to make them more clear, smoother and more intuitive. A lot of screens have been updated with a cleaner design and style.

Whew! What do you think?
Our product team would love to know your thoughts. Just comment below, and we’ll truly read your feedback. Thank you to all of you who have shared ideas and feedback to date. We hope you like this update as much as we do.

And stay tuned for lots of other features and updates coming out after the New Year. Thanks for helping us make a better product.

Have teams you need to share this with? Click here to download a PDF Cheat Sheet of where items now live.