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If you compare GivingFuel to nearly any other provider, you will notice a stark contrast in look and feel of the forms. GivingFuel gives you the ultimate flexibility to make your giving page look like your organization while the other guys merely give you cookie cutter options.


Looking Good Is Easy

GivingFuel gives you total branding control. It's easy and you'll love the result.

Powerful Design Controls, No Nerds Required

You don't have to be a graphic designer or programmer to make your online giving page look good. GivingFuel puts all the controls at your fingertips to create a gorgeous page yourself.

Thousands of Free Images

Thousands of Free Images

Tens of thousands of images, patterns, and textures for free.

Background Images

Background Images

Set a page background image, pattern or texture.

Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts

Huge variety of fonts including the most popular Google Fonts.

Embeddable Videos

Embeddable Videos

Include Youtube and Vimeo Videos in Your Page.

Masthead Graphic

Masthead Graphic

Set a hero masthead image to go across the top of your page.

HTML & CSS Control

HTML & CSS Control

Control the entire page layout and look with CSS styles.


Giving Pages That Look Like You, Not Us

With GivingFuel, you control branding so your donors experience a seamless brand experience from start to finish never knowing it was us behind the scenes.


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Over 40 Professionally Designed Themes

Take advantage of our professionally designed themes that you can instantly use for your giving page. We offer a diverse set of looks and offer themes every kind of organization.


Sky's The Limit Customization

Our simple to use controls allow you to make your giving page match your website in seconds. You can customize the fonts, colors, backgrounds and even control all the CSS.


Mobile Amazing. Beautiful on Every Screen

Every single donation page you create is instantaneously made beautiful on mobile. We use the industry’s leading technologies to give you maximum control. All forms are automatically mobile responsive – which means your forms look amazing on mobile phones and tablets – while rending in lightning speed with HTML 5 and CSS 3. GivingFuel gives you the latest and the best technology available.

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