Incentivize Donors During the Donation Experience

GivingFuel's product incentive feature empowers you to capture larger donations through the inclusion of products and merchandise incentives. If your organization produces resources, makes products or even sells merchandise, offering the ability to add some of those items with their donation is a major advantage.


Simple Setup, Powerful Revenue Boost.

Have a fully functional product sales system built right into your giving page with only a few clicks. You dont have to be a web programmer to configure sizes, pricing and inventory. Do it all yourself. This flexibility is unlike any other system by creating a beautiful and seamless way to suggest incentives and upgrades to your donors alongside their donation.


Incentivize Larger Gifts

A popular strategy is to incentive donors to make their donation recurring by including one of their product for free (sometimes referred to as premiums or upgrades). This is done by using Actions which can also discount various products based on the donation size. All this can be done with products + actions to give you a donation experience you have only dreamed of. The possibilities are truly endless.

Sell Any Product of Any Kind.

GivingFuel empowers you to sell any kind of product – be it simple or complex – with absolute ease.

Product Images and Descriptions

Product Images and Descriptions

Upload unique photos, titles, and descriptions for each product.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Built-in inventory controls that let you set limits to how many of each item can be sold.

Brilliant Reporting and Exports

Brilliant Reporting and Exports

Real-time reports and analytics for exactly how many products you have sold.

No Additional Fee

No Additional Fee

Some providers charge up to 15% in additional fees for merchandise. With GivingFuel, it’s included!

Stunning and Flawless on Mobile Phones

Products incentives look and work flawlessly on mobile phones. Nearly half of all your purchases will originate from a phone, so every feature and functionality has to be perfect on phones. Even products with complex variants or limited quantities are no problem.


Compatible With Actions

Products are compatible with our game changing Actions panel (conditional logic). You can make certain products visible based on donation options, automatically apply discounts for donation amounts, and also give incentives to recurring donors. All this can be done with products + actions to give you a donor experience you had only dreamed of.