Helpful Videos For Mastering GivingFuel

Thank you for trying GivingFuel. This launch guide will walk you through some of the key features behind GivingFuel. Each section has short video tutorials to give you an overview of each area. You will be a master of GivingFuel in a few short minutes.

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Recurring Donations

Learn how to build your online giving page to setup and accept recurring donations at different available intervals.

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Text to Give

Learn how to set up text to give on your page and accept donations from text messages.

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Fund Tracking

Learn how to utilize the fund tracking feature to accurately allocate donations from donors.

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Employer Matching

Learn how to set up Employer Matching, which links to companies willing to match donations.

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Donor Accounts

Enterprise users can learn how to enable donor accounts that allow donors to manage their own giving.

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Learn how to utilize conditional logic to customize the donation experience (and make it more fun).

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