Empower Others To Become Fundraising Champions

Crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways to raise money online. With GivingFuel’s Peer-to-Peer platform, you get a dynamic crowdfunding tool right in your GivingFuel account.

Perfect For:

  • New Programs and Projects
  • Summer Camps
  • Mission Trips
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Staff & Missionary Support
  • Building Funds
  • Birthday Fundraising
  • Unique & Urgent Needs

The Power of Peer-To-Peer

See how easy it is to launch a Peer-to-Peer campaign, mobilizing others to fundraise through relationships


Personal Peer-to-Peer Pages

Personal pages help harness the relationship power of your donors, volunteers, or participants - enabling them to fundraise on behalf of your organization. Perfect for mission trip costs, summer camps, birthday fundraising, and more.

Build it Once. Perfect on Every Screen.

Desktop, tablet, or mobile - Your Peer to Peer page will render perfectly on every screen.


Your Donor Data, All In One Place

GivingFuel’s Peer-To-Peer fundraising platform is just like having your very own, private, crowdfunding system. And because it is part of GivingFuel, all your donors, contacts, reports and exports are in one place.


Modern Fundraising At Your Fingertips

Perfect for any funding need with a single goal and a clear end date. Peer-To-Peer fundraising can inspire generosity like never before.

Your Vision. Your Branding.

Every visual aspect of Peer-To-Peer is completely controlled by you. Your branding, fonts, colors, images, and videos. Personal pages made off a master page maintain the same branding with the option for customization.

Personal Pages With No Passwords to Remember!

With just a few clicks, your supporters can create their own Peer-To-Peer pages. Using our "magic link" system, they can get access to their page for edits and tracking without another password to remember.

Unlimited Peer-To-Peer Pages

Peer-to-Peer is only available for Pro & Enterprise customers, but there is no limit to the number of Peer-To-Peer pages you can make.

Drive Fundraising Urgency

Each Peer-To-Peer page features a thermometer and a countdown clock ensuring donors know how critical the need is with the ability to track progress.

Track Donor Data in GivingFuel

Just like any donation in GivingFuel, you'll have access to every part of the data. Send receipts, thank you's, and track relationships, all in one place.

Leave A Note or Give Anonymously

Donors to Peer-To-Peer pages have the option to show their name and amount given, leave a note of encouragement, or make their gift anonymous to the public.

Are You Ready To Make The Switch?