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Hundreds of Millions Processed

GivingFuel's technology has been used to process nearly $1B to date. Our perfect blend of functionality and flexibility empowers organizations to raise more money for their cause. If you want to radically increase your overall giving, you must utilize recurring giving technology. GivingFuel gives makes accepting recurring donations easier than ever with our simple tools. No matter how you setup your donation page, you can offer the option to make your donation recurring.


Unmatched Customization

GivingFuel gives you several ways to configure the possible recurring options for a donor. From a simple check box to make a gift monthly recurring to letting the donor decide from a set of options including weekly, monthly, quarterly and beyond. GivingFuel will store, secure and tokenize the donor’s card on our PCI compliant network and then automatically charge the card on the correct interval.

Configure Your Recurring With Advanced Controls To Perfectly Meet Your Needs

Every organization has unique fundraising needs. Our controls and customization allow your fundraising options to be as unique as your cause.

Optional Start Date

Optional Start Date

For donors who give alongside a metric of their income, such as tithes or religious contributions, the optional start date is the perfect solution for donors who want to choose the specific date their donation gets processed.

Fund Designation

Fund Designation

Donors can choose a fund to give to on a recurring basis and can also choose to give to multiple funds at once with differing amounts and start dates.

Auto End Date

Auto End Date

GivingFuel gives you the option to automatically end a recurring after a set number payments have been made. Say your fundraising for a 6 month commitment to humanitarian efforts, the donor’s cards will be charged 6 times and then no more.

Any Interval

Any Interval

Configure your giving page to offer any recurring frequency and interval you like. You can pre-define the options or the let the donor decide. Either way, you are in control of the entire experience.

Amazingly Simple Management

Once you have started capturing regular recurring donations, managing the recurring donor is seamless and simple. We keep a running report of all your recurring donors and allow you to see exactly who is giving and how often, as well as editing their recurring donation with a few clicks. You can change the amount, date, interval and even payment method in seconds.


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