Two Billion Reasons to Celebrate You

September 19, 2019

This last summer you all hit a huge milestone in the history of our company! You have used our online ticketing, registration and giving software to process over two billion dollars! That’s with-a-B - Billion dollars! This is incredible! You guys are doing more, making more, and keeping more than ever before!It took nine years to process the first billion and only two short years to process the second billion. You deserve to be celebrated and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be the partner that’s in your corner for this success!

We truly have the best customers doing amazing stuff using our software. In the past two years, we have literally one billion reasons to celebrate. We have constantly seen new events using our software, from comedy shows to beautiful lantern festivals, from huge concerts to holiday pop-up events.We also had a front-row seat to view new industry trends. You may know, we’ve always been big believers in you and your customers’ privacy, but with Cambridge Analytica, the industry caught up and privacy finally became cool! We also saw our competitors double their pricing but not their value. You showed us by making the choice to use GivingFuel that you’re tired of feeling under-appreciated and overcharged, and that you are ready to take control of your donation logistics by choosing a partner that values you more than they value their bottom line.Thank you for choosing us as your software partner in your pursuit of kicking some serious tail! Bravo to you all, and here’s to your next billion.