Security is our priority

Using the latest security and encryption technologies, GivingFuel is protected by military grade encryption – the same level of security used by major banks.

PCI compliance

Every page created on GivingFuel is secured with 128 bit encryption on a PCI compliant network. Our system utilizes a number of PCI certified vendors in the processing of payments and can offer detailed documentation on AOCs, SOCs, Certs, Scans and more. Need PCI documentation? Email

Data security and sovereignty

All transactions are processed, transmitted, and store securely on a PCI Compliant network where all your data is encrypted several times within our secure data center located in the cloud. We have built a sophisticated backup system to run alongside our live servers to make sure every piece of data in our system is backed up in real time.

Your personal information

Your data belongs to you and we will never touch it, harvest it, cross promote it or utilize it for internal marketing purposes. Your donors will never hear from nor may ever notice we were part of the process. You can also export all your data with a click of a button and request your account closed at any time.

Trusted employees

GivingFuel employees have been trained to detect fraud or misuse within the system. They will never give account access or information to users not authorized by your organization or change donation information without authorization from you.


We offer a private API for customers who want to build special integrations into our system. Larger organizations utilize the API to harvest data, pull reports and manage internal business processes. The API is built upon using simple REST patterns.

We use standard HTTP methods, resource-oriented URLs and HTTP error codes in our responses. You can request access to the documentation and schedule a call with our team to discuss your particular uses of the API.

No third-party advertisers

Your donor data and account information will never be sold, accessed, or shared to other companies. While you may get emails from GivingFuel about new features or updates, none of our partners will contact you without your direct consent.

GDPR complicance

We are 100% GDPR compliant. We’re so confident about it, we even made this funny video. Also includes CCPA compliance.