Introducing Employer Matching

September 17, 2020

Did you know $4-7 billion in matching gifts go unclaimed each year?Taking advantage of matching funds is easier than you think -- and we want to help!This is why we are thrilled to share our new Employer Matching feature alongside our partners at Double The Donation.Employer Matching enables your donors to easily connect a donation to their company’s matching gift program - resulting in valuable matched gifts for your organization.Did You Know:

  • 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gifts programs.
  • 15-19 million individuals in US work for companies with matching gift programs.
  • 85% of donors are more likely to donate if their gift is eligible to be matched.

Learn all about our new employer matching feature here and sign up for our LIVE webinar showing all the ins and outs of employer matching.That’s right, on Wednesday, September 23rd, we are hosting a live webinar to show you how to implement and benefit from employer matching opportunities. Sign up for the Webinar!Sign Up For The Employer Matching Webinar Here!Happy Fundraising!