Nonprofit Resources for the Federal Relief Program

April 2, 2020

We’re providing information on the new federal stimulus plan, how it impacts nonprofits, and a resource to apply for financial relief.By now you’ve probably heard that the Federal Government has signed into law a $2 trillion dollar rescue package in response to the Coronavirus crisis called the CARES Act.Those of us in the nonprofit sector know how hard this crisis has hit. You’ve likely had to cancel fundraising events, service trips, and church services. You’ve perhaps seen a slowdown in donations and had difficult conversations with your staff and board about the future.The good news is this law has over $349 billion dollars set aside to help you recover. This includes relief for 501c3 nonprofits. There are some remarkable things in this law that can help — including paycheck protection and forgivable loans.We’re sure you’ve seen all the headlines and probably have a lot of questions. The best resource we have found for non-profits is this incredible free resource from our friends at CauseMic.CauseMic’s downloadable PDF provides nonprofit specific details of the CARES Act, eligibility, and how to apply.

Check Out This Free Resource From CauseMicWhile we can’t change the impact of a global pandemic, we truly want to be a guide and a resource for you during this time.The slogan of our company is “Win As One” and in times like these, it’s never been more relevant. We hope to win with you.