GIFs are worth a thousand words. Or at least 640 px

May 2, 2017

Much like the Happy Festivus section in the Hallmark aisle, a GIF can often communicate the ideas that are difficult to express. Any remark under the digital sun can be represented with a GIF(Graphics Interchange Format). Complex human emotions have never been more conveniently accessible. And through the magic of multiple frames, a GIF can do way more than a static image ever could.

We encourage all of our clients to be as expressive as possible when it comes to their forms, and more importantly, their events. A GIF can be a great way to spice things up a little bit and be an unexpected delight.

*Reminder uploading a GIF is as easy as uploading a photo in our software!

Need to say “thank you” for someone covering for you after an awkwardly long bathroom break? There’s a gif for that.

How about a week-tardy belated birthday wish?


Then there is just the truly bizarre breed meant to leave your audience response-less, and therefore curtailing the conversation.

Whatever the occasion, pixels can be the perfect palette pleaser to pass on your purposeful plans.

You may be exclaiming, “Aaron! I haven’t a clue how to access any of those trans-interweb gems!”

Not only is there a highly exhaustive library of animated delights out there for the harvesting. But also simple ways to transform what you see on your screen and in your world into an instantly acclaimed, LOL-worthy, highly sharable GIF. Your friends, co-workers, family members, mutual acquaintances you barely know, and customers will thank you for your personal investment. Here are some resources we think you should know about.


There are few sites out there like Giphy. They know what you want, and how you want to say it. They truly are curators of the webs most loved pop culture looping references. Try not to get lost on there for a few hours.

Giphy Capture

This tool from Giphy has enabled us to create our own library of GIFs that were more specific to our needs, and expressions we send more often. All we needed to do was film our team emoting and then record the screen! Simple. Here’s a few examples.

Giphy Cam

Maybe you’re looking to be more of a mobile GIF creator. That’s great. With Giphy Cam, you’re able to create a GIF from anything that your mobile device’s camera can capture. A great tool for anyone who just can’t stand watching life’s moments only once, in its raw and unedited state. You’re welcome!

Whatever the occasion, a GIF is appropriate.

P.S. The official stance on the correct pronunciation of GIF at Webconnex LLC is with a soft G.

It’s not peanut butter.

What's your favorite way to use GIFs? Comment below!