How to Supercharge Your Form

March 1, 2016

You've come up with an incredible cause that will affect the lives of many but now all you need is an easy way to get the donations flowing. I'd like to propose some ideas, even features, to attract donors to your online donation page. Here are a few help tips:


It’s the first thing a potential registrant will notice on your page because we as humans are visual! You may think that means lots of pictures and visual content… Well, not exactly. I’d recommend going the ‘less is more’ route! Simplifying your form can be a challenge and I get that, but you’d be surprised how you can still get your point across with a clean online donation process and give donors everything they need to know. Here are some things that will help you make your form less distracting more appealing:

  • Add a logo! Brand your organization so your donors won’t be able to get it out of their mind.
  • How about uploading an image of the individuals who's lives are impacted by the work of your organization?
  • Try adding a subtle background image that adds some depth and contrast to the form so that it’s still an easy read.


Have you ever come across the challenge of figuring out how to provide all the info you’re needing without having your page looking like a novel? Here are a few tips to help simplify your form by providing just enough information your registrants need to know! The TITLE of your event should be specific but concise. Is it a run? What is the name of the event? Is it a yearly event? How about putting the year in the event title? Information is awesome to have, but how can we make the important points stand out?Here are some questions to ask yourself and answer for your registrants:

  • WHO? (“Who or what will this organization be affecting?”)
  • WHAT? (“What can I do to help?”)
  • WHY? (“Why is it important that I contribute?”)

In addition, it’s important to remember you’re not trying to sell your donors but rather have them come to a mutual understanding and awareness of need. People are moved with emotion, and if you keep things in the positive stance, they will want to partner with you in the difference you’re wanting to make!


Now that you have a sweet-looking online donation page, with an awesome backstory to make a difference, you’re ready for the donations to start flowing in. Let people know how they can be apart of your cause! And it’s really simple. Ready? Here’s how…

  • Social media — Allow your donors to blow their Facebook feed up with the Share and Like button so their social network of friends can see! With social media, your donors can do the advertising for you.
  • Website — Place a button on your website to redirect your donors to the online donation form. Don’t be afraid to include a “Donate Now!” button on every page of your website, so whenever an individual decided they’re on board to contribute to your organization, the opportunity to do so is available.
  • And last but not least, for your URL. Try to keep it short and sweet! The longer the URL the more likely your donor will get lost in the world wide web.


But wait there’s more! Are you still looking to make your donation form a tad bit more swag-a-licious?

  • Actions - Check out our new conditional logic functionality setup through Actions. With Actions, you’ll become like a genie making awesome things appear and disappear.
  • Merchandise - How about adding some swag for your donors to wear? Merchandise is a great feature to display free gifts with a donation or even a great way to increase revenue and awareness!
  • Widgets: Raising a certain amount of money? Check out our thermometer widget where you can watch the tube magically fill up.

Phew! Now I know that was a lot, but you’ll do great! Here’s your mission: Use these new tool belt tips to create the most awesome donation form ever! Your donors will never be more excited to contribute and who knows, you might even impress yourself in the process. Click HERE to explore our super rad Help Center to find more tools to enhance your registration form!