5 New GivingFuel Features to Increase Engagement and Giving

June 18, 2024

It's your good friends here at GivingFuel, announcing some major features to support you in your fundraising efforts. We know it's been a while since we last shared some new features. But despite the radio silence we've been busier than a termite at a lumber yard, working to create the world’s best fundraising platform just for you.

Over the past 12 months, we've been developing five specialized features to help you maximize engagement and boost your online giving. Here's a rundown of what we’ve recently released:

1. Text Messaging Platform - Engage Like Never Before

The top nonprofits succeed by being excellent at donor follow-up and engagement. One key way is through text messaging. The problem? Many text messaging platforms can take a huge bite out of your budget and often aren’t synced with your giving history or donor database. 

Enter GivingFuel’s texting platform! We built our very own text message platform that is deeply integrated with all your GivingFuel giving pages and past donors. Send mass text messages to some or all of your donors from past campaigns, inviting them to new initiatives, events, projects, or just to say thanks. You get your own dedicated number and can send messages in real time or schedule them for future delivery. Check out this demo and see how it all works!

2. Email Automations - Create And Automate High-Converting Fundraising Emails

Did you know that despite all the fancy tactics and tools out there, email is still the highest ROI for digital marketers and fundraisers? But not just any emails—drip campaign emails! 

If you’ve never heard of drip campaigns, get ready to have your fundraising world rocked. A drip campaign is a collection of 3-5 emails you write up front, which are then sent out progressively to your list over a short period, inviting people to give. When someone donates, they’re removed from the remaining emails in the sequence. 

Now, expert gurus and technologists can set this up with expensive tools, but at GivingFuel, we make it easier than saying yes to a free guacamole upgrade at Chipotle. Check out this demo and learn how you can break giving records this year with drip campaigns.

3. Donor Insights - Gain Remarkable Demographic Insights About Your Donors

Ever wish you could run a demographic analysis on all your donors or gain insights into their interests and backgrounds? Now you can! GivingFuel’s donor insights feature enriches any given donor record with third-party data, returning invaluable information such as household income, education, family size, interests, and hobbies. 

We’ve partnered with a prominent third-party provider that generates insights for companies and organizations like yours to better help understand your donors and engage with them.  

Check out this demo to learn how to enrich your donor database with incredible third-party data insights.

4. Manual Donor Entry - New Controls To Add And Manage Donors

While most donors prefer to make their gifts online themselves, sometimes you want to offer a full-service experience and process the gift manually. Or perhaps you have a past donor eager to give to a new initiative but don’t want to inconvenience them with creating a new gift online. 

The new manual entry feature is designed for you. You can manually intake a donor and gift straight from the admin interface, and also retrieve any past donor and make a new gift using the card on file that we saved for you. Pretty amazing, right? Check out this demo and see how manual entry will work for you.

5.QR Code Generator - Get Donors Swiftly To Your Donation Page

QR codes are more popular than Blockbuster on a Friday night in the ‘90’s. And while you may have thought they were just a thing during COVID, they’ve hung and proved really useful for fundraising efforts. 

GivingFuel now has a fast, friendly, and free way to generate a QR code for your fundraising page. You can add your own logo to the QR code just like the paid QR code generators out there. To generate a QR code, head to the page builder in your account, and under Promote. There you’ll be able to create and customize a QR code that directs to your donation page. See how it works here.

But wait… just one final update that might gather a faint slow clap in the far distance… We’ve updated our Terms of Service

We, like most companies these days, are updating our terms to abide by the latest internet use and privacy laws. Instead of sending you a very annoying email cluttering your inbox about our terms, we’re letting you know here. Give it a review now, later when you login, or perhaps any night you’re having trouble falling asleep. 

Phewf! That was a lot. But these 5 big features are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have in store. We’re hard at work on some other incredible tools that will help you do more, raise more, and keep more.

Got questions, feature requests, or just want to say hi? Reply to this email. We’d love to hear from you!

Justin and the GivingFuel Team

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