October 2017 Product Update

October 16, 2017

The smell of Pumpkin Spice Latte is in the air and that obviously means one thing. The Webconnex team is here to bring you our October product update. Here are all newly live updates in your account.[embed]https://webconnex.wistia.com/medias/i4i7na7h3z?media_finished[/embed]


The holiday season is fast approaching. What better way to kick it off than to allow people to purchase gift certificates to your event, which we lovingly refer to as Vouchers. With this new field, people can choose to register or purchase a voucher. They will be jumping for joy as they give and receive entries to your event. Learn more.


Allow registrants to transfer their registration to someone else without you having to be involved. This fully automated process will save you time and provide a smooth exchange for your registrants. When setting up your transfer terms, you can even choose to charge a transfer fee if you wish. Transfers are currently in beta testing so just let us know if you wish to try it out on your next event. You’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it! Learn more.

Kindful Integration

Hey nonprofits, meet your new company crush, Kindful. Large CRM solutions can seem clunky, and even downright spooooky. Kindful has built a clean, and intuitive interface to help you manage and build closer relationships with your donors.The best part is, your Webconnex data can flow directly into Kindful. We’ve known the Kindful team for a while, and you’re going to love them. Learn more.

TicketSpice App

Sweet new datasets like scans over time, scans per device, and scans per ticket level are now visible in the app! Even track your inventory and see who purchased what items. To get the latest version of the app, just search TicketSpice in the app store and tap that download button.

TS App

Check-In Apps

For all of you RedPodium and RegFox users - The check-in apps are now in the app store!Do you have an event coming up? Be sure to visit the app store and search for either RedPodium or RegFox to download the latest version of the app to be ready to scan with ease!

Countdown Clocks

Countdown widgets are an awesome tool that allow you to display a countdown to a desired date and time. These are perfect for generating a sense of urgency leading up to a price increase or the closing of a registration option. Learn more.That’s a wrap for this month! Be sure to message in to let us know how you are loving the latest updates. We will give bonus points to any of you who message in photos of you in your Halloween costume!;-) Until next month, enjoy those Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Customer Spotlight

SacAnime recently took place right in our hometown and we were able to pop over and grab some fun shots. Check out this rockin’ event that boasts over 200 vendor booths in their expo area. Check it out!