9 Staying Trends Around Text to Give

March 9, 2017

GivingFuel’s awesome Text to Give feature can skyrocket your fundraising efforts! Just take a look at these 9 Trends surrounding Text to Give, and see why this feature is an absolute necessity to meet your fundraising goals!

1) Cards Are King

Cards are King, not cash anymore, your donors want and need to be able to give via their Debit and Credit cards.

Research backs this; American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) shares that 80% of American consumers use Debit and Credit Cards as their preferred method of payment. You do not want to miss out on donors who do not carry cash or check on them, but would happily punch in their card details into their smartphone with Text to Give.

2) Cash/Check Usage is Plummeting

You guessed it, with the rise of card usage, the use of cash and check are dwindling rapidly.

“According to Mastercard’s 2012 “World Beyond Cash” survey, 73% of Americans say they use cash today less than 10 years ago.” On the other hand, the The Federal Reserve Payments Study, the authors stated, “Check payments fell at an annual rate of 4.4 percent by number or 0.5 percent by value from 2012 to 2015.” These stats mean stop investing your efforts in collecting funds in these archaic and tired ways of cash and check. Get current, and start collecting via card. Text to Give is going to help you do this.

3) Smart Phones are Taking Over!

A survey for the Pew Research Center found that in the US, a whopping 86% of people aged 18-29 have a smartphone, and 83% of people aged 30-49 have a smartphone. So, likely most of your audience has Text to Give ability with just a few taps because they own smartphones. Honestly, can you think of a person without one?

There are the people who are texting, checking social media or just checking the time at events. Give them a donation option that appeals to their habits and utilizes their smartphones for giving.

4) Text Donations are Growing in Popularity

Text to Give donations are indeed skyrocketing, and this seems to be a trend that will continue. According to Upleaf (expert in the field of online non-profits), 14% of all online giving in 2015 was specifically from mobile devices.

Ask any millennial, and many would say they would rather use their mobile phones than use cash to pay for small items, and just in case you haven’t heard, millennials are the largest generation there has ever been, and they could potentially be the most influential.

Faith-based organizations have already picked up on this and have increased their donations because it gives their audience more avenues to give. Not only do they pass the donation basket through the congregation, but they also have expanded to online giving, point of sale kiosks, and Text to Give.

5) Convenience is Key

By incorporating mobile-responsive design to their websites, nonprofits can increase their donations by 126% on average.

An express checkout option on a website can increase mobile sales and donations by up to 55%. And… guess what!? Our Text to Give has express check-out.

Beyond that, custom-branded donation pages on a nonprofit’s website help raise up to 6 times as much money on average. Your Text to Give campaign also allows you to have full custom branding to match your organization’s style, and to further instill trust in your donors.

6) Well-intentioned Folk Are Not Giving

All too often, well-intentioned donors will abandon giving pages because there are too many choices to sort through. The donor was presented with a distracting opportunity to leave the page, or the page was not mobile responsive on a smartphone.

Conversion rates are higher for those sites that are mobile friendly. And take my word for it, you want a higher conversion rate! A conversion rate is the average number of donations per page visit, shown as a percentage. Conversion rates are calculated by simply taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of total visits that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period.

7) Security is Essential

Online security is a big deal. it is important that your donor knows he is secure when submitting an online payment. You need to show you are trustworthy and their information such as billing info is safe and secure in the hands of your organization. It should be clear to donors that their information is guarded and your page will not put them in a vulnerable financial situation. To ensure this security, our software is protected by a military grade 256 bit SSL security encryption – the same level encryption used by major banks.

PSA: Writing down things like credit card numbers, is far from best practice, and causes suspicion from your donors.

8) Donating is Best as a Recurring Theme

According to Network for Good’s donation data, the average recurring donor will give 42% more in one year than those who give one-time gifts. The average monthly recurring gift for Network for Good clients is $52. Over 1 year, that’s a $624 donation!

With GivingFuel’s platform, making a donation recurring is one additional click, that’s it! Also, your donors can elect to give to whatever fund you add. For example, you could create funds of Youth, Outreach, New Building, or whatever other categories would make sense for your organization. Making their donation personal, will get them more invested.

9) Text to Give Generates More Cashflow

Fact: The average donation size for Text to Give fundraisers is $107.

Better Fact: The average mobile donation pledge for fundraising events is $167.

Best Fact: This is all available to you with Text to Give

In line with GivingFuel motto, Text to Give helps good folk like you to “Do More, Raise More, and Keep More.” The facts speak for themselves on this one.