Took The Entire Team to Costa Rica For a Month... And it Was Awesome!

February 11, 2016

Surprise! Webconnex was out of the country for 32 days last summer.

We took our entire staff (and families) to Costa Rica for a month. Here’s why we did it, and how are customers are better off because of it.

This past summer, we decided to take our entire company, including their spouses and kids, for a month of work and play in Costa Rica. It turned out to be one of the the best decisions we’ve made. I’m grinning ear to ear writing this and recollecting our time together.We have staff in 5 different cities, so we were dreaming about how we might be able to get everyone together for an extended time of working, dreaming and creating. Then we had this crazy idea... and the Costa Rica trip was born.So why did we do it? Initially, because we wanted to get out of the box, and have an adventure. Life is too short not to take advantage of great experiences. Here at Webconnex, we work really hard, but we also value family and play. We also believe that travel brings people together and expands your horizons. Experiencing new cultures and meeting new people is just good for the soul. So, if there’s an opportunity for adventure, we’re in (it’s another advantage of not being slaves to investors). If we think a crazy idea is possible, and feel like it will be good for our company, we have the freedom to do it.It truly seemed crazy at first. Traveling to a foreign country for a month with our entire team and their families. There were so many questions; How would we handle logistics? Where could we all stay? Would everyone want to go? How would be able to actually work remotely? What about infrastructure? How would we handle customer support? In the end, it all came together for a great experience!We spent a lot of time researching and dreaming, and we’re more than happy to share our experiences if you’re ever thinking about something like this for your staff.


Takeaway from our experience

Honestly, we decided to take the trip because we thought it would be a ton of fun and and amazing experience. It was! But it was so much more. It drew our team closer, unified us around common goals and created deeper bonds.We think our customers directly benefited from our trip. In the time we all spent together, we dreamed up amazing ideas to make our products and service better. We also all learned from each other about how to provide an even better customer experience. Slowing down a little helped focus on the big picture, and how we can make the company better.I came away with one profound understanding. We knew that we had a fantastic staff. However, after spending a month together, I knew that in addition to being a great staff, I was blessed to work with truly amazing human beings. They are people I enjoy spending time with. People who care about each other, and people who care deeply about the world around them. People I truly can call my friends.It truly was a once in a lifetime experience.P.S. Last month, we let our staff know that we are heading back again for another month long trip to Costa Rica. Let the countdown begin.