Re-imagine the Fundraising Possibilities With Actions

Using the simplest of interfaces, you are now the master of advanced functionality you have been dreaming of. The GivingFuel actions give you mindblowing power over the donation experience and enable you to dynamically capture custom data and setup conditional formatting and visibility. Our series of triggers and actions put you in control over visibility, data requirements, incentives and more.

Dynamic Data Capture

Dynamic Data Capture

Require a different set of data depending on previous options.

Conditional Visibility

Conditional Visibility

Show or hide any text, graphic, field, or section on the form.

Product Incentives

Product Incentives

Automatically discount or comp products for donation amounts.

Do the Impossible Without Any Code

Make your donation page adapt and change automatically with conditional logic

Actions Make Your Donation Pages Intelligent

Actions make your wildest fundraising dreams possible by making your page dynamic, intelligent and adaptive. With actions, your donation page can become adaptive to display particular options, descriptions and incentives based on the fly.


Incentivize Larger Donations

A common practice for larger organizations is the use of products (or premiums) in conjunction with the donation. For example, there may be a book, dvd or even t-shirt that donors can receive free should they make donation recurring. Similarly, you can discount premiums for certain donation sizes as an incentive for larger donation. Actions make all this possible and the possibilities are truly endless.

Dynamic Data Capture

Not all donors are the same and not all donations are the same. You can use actions to custom tailor your donation page to adapt to any donation scenarios you want. For example, if you want to offer an employer match or allow people to donate in honor of someone else, you will have to capture additional information. While this is great for some donors, others can become confused by the many data requirements. These options become simple by using actions to conditionally show and require these additional data sets.


Popular Uses For Actions

There are limitless possibilities when using Actions on your giving page. Here are some of the most popular ways to use Actions with your fundraising efforts.

  • Capture honoree information
  • Automatically discount product for recurring donations
  • Show free products for donations over $200
  • Capture additional information when donating to a specific fund
  • Show dynamic suggested amounts
  • Dynamically hide or show any option on the page
  • Hide options after a certain date
  • Require survey answers to be completed for certain donors