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Foster Sustainable Donor Relationships

Exponentially increase donations with GivingFuel's powerful recurring options and gift management tools.

Configure recurring with advanced controls

Every organization has unique fundraising needs. GivingFuel's controls and customization allow your fundraising options to be as unique as your vision.

Optional start date

The optional start date is the perfect solution for donors who want to choose the specific date their donation gets processed.

Fund designation

Donors can choose a fund to give to on a recurring basis and can also choose to give to multiple funds at once with differing amounts and start dates.

Auto end date

GivingFuel gives you the option to automatically end a recurring gift after a set number payments have been made. A six month commitment would automatically end the recurring gift after six donations

Any interval

GivingFuel offers you several ways to configure recurring gifts. From a simple check box for monthly recurring to letting the donor decide from a list of options including weekly, monthly, quarterly and beyond.

Auto decline notifications and donor accounts

Keep recurring gifts flowing with automatic emails to donors upon decline and the ability to update gifts instantaneously with donor accounts.

Learn about Donor Accounts