Incorporating Corporate Philanthropy in Your Giving Tuesday Plans

September 28, 2022

Taking place on the first Tuesday immediately following Thanksgiving each year, Giving Tuesday is a top opportunity for nonprofits to engage with supporters while generosity and charitability are high. As such, it’s one of the most common types of year-end giving campaigns and tends to result in substantially higher than usual fundraising revenue overall.

But did you know that you can elevate your organization’s Giving Tuesday strategy by incorporating corporate philanthropy opportunities? In this guide, we’ll share three easy ways to do so:

  1. Equip your team with the right technology beforehand.
  2. Mention matching gift programs in Giving Tuesday fundraising appeals.
  3. Seek corporate sponsorships for your Giving Tuesday campaign.

Let’s dive in as we explore best practices for corporate success this Giving Tuesday.

1. Equip your team with the right technology beforehand.

The fundraising tools you use every day can go a long way in ensuring successful giving experiences for your donors. But on a day like Giving Tuesday, with such elevated potential and opportunities for increased philanthropy, it’s more important than ever that your team is also empowered with corporate giving technology.

Luckily, Double the Donation is the industry’s leading provider of corporate giving software, and it integrates seamlessly with the tools your organization already uses⁠—GivingFuel. With this solution in hand, you can easily maximize fundraising with workplace giving, sponsorship opportunities, and more.

2. Mention matching gift programs in Giving Tuesday fundraising appeals.

According to research by our friends at Double the Donation, over 26 million individuals work for companies that match employee donations to nonprofit causes. Not only that but highlighting matching gift opportunities also results in increased individual giving, with 84% of survey participants saying they’re more likely to donate if a match is offered and 1 in 3 donors indicating they’d give a larger gift if matching is applied. Overall, studies report a 71% increase in response rate and a 51% increase in average donation amount for fundraising appeals that mention matching as opposed to those that don’t.

This means that when you incorporate matching gift promotions in your Giving Tuesday fundraising asks, you can bring in more revenue through corporate giving programs and increase individual contributions at the same time.

Here’s an example: “Dave, you’ve supported our organization before when we needed it, and this Giving Tuesday, we’re here to ask you again. Would you consider donating $100 to our Giving Tuesday campaign today? Keep in mind that your donation is likely eligible to be matched through your employer, the Home Depot⁠—allowing your gift to go twice as far.”

3. Seek corporate sponsorships for your Giving Tuesday campaign.

Matching gifts are one of the most popular⁠—and accessible⁠—types of corporate philanthropy, and they make an excellent choice for getting started with corporate fundraising this Giving Tuesday. But they’re certainly not the only option out there!

Now, you might be asking yourself what else is available. And that’s where we recommend exploring corporate sponsorships. Double the Donation defines corporate sponsorships as “A form of support nonprofits receive from corporations for an event or other project,” which can take forms such as financial, in-kind, media, and more.

While matching gifts can be made available to any organization when their donors request such contributions from their employers, corporate sponsorships are typically dedicated funding offered to specific organizations that establish mutually beneficial partnerships with the companies in question. And if you’re wondering how to locate the best potential sponsorship opportunities, your organization’s existing matching gift tools can help here as well!

GivingFuel has previously referred to corporate giving as an underutilized fundraising goldmine⁠—and that’s exactly what it is. Bringing that potential into Giving Tuesday can allow organizations to foster relationships with corporations and individual donors alike and ultimately result in significant increases in much-needed funding for the nonprofits’ cause.